Corporate Values & Code of Conduct

Corporate Values

At Pacific Cross Insurance, our values guide everything we do, specifically the way we view our staff, customers, and our business partners. We have committed our resources to developing products and services that address the needs of our clients as well as promote a corporate culture that values excellence and stability. 

All information collected will be treated with the utmost confidentiality. Our employees shall collect, use and disclose information only for the purposes for which it was obtained. All efforts will be maintained to protect confidential information from loss, error, and unauthorized access.

Our employees and representatives possess professionalism and a high degree of knowledge and skills for the benefit of our customers. This knowledge and skill will inspire confidence, respect, and a paternship of trust with our clients and the community.

Should any information we deliver prove to be inaccurate, the client will be informed immediately and an apology will always come with accurate information right after.

We will do what we say. We will deliver our product and services in a manner consistent with what was communicated.

All dealings are characterized by the highest levels of honesty and fairness.

We will always do the right thing the first time. Our solutions and decisions are made to be in the best interest of our customer the first time. Our solutions will always have the customer’s best interest first.

We will speak the client’s language and provide explanations and information in the most effective way and clarity for the client to clearly understand our policy and procedures.

We develop a partnership of trust through the service we provide.

The Four Pillars of our Code of Conduct

Pacific Cross Insurance is EXCELLENCE  

Pacific Cross Insurance is committed to excellence. Excellence in providing their clients and business partners with the highest standard of services and products. Pacific Cross Insurance excellence is based on an intrinsic understanding of our clients and business partner requirements and expectations.

Pacific Cross Insurance is STABILITY 

Pacific Cross Insurance is a market leading, financially stable company operating in the insurance industry in Asia. Pacific Cross Insurance is an industry leader in risk management, product design, pricing and administration services related to health, travel and personal accident insurances.

Pacific Cross Insurance is EXPERIENCE

Pacific Cross Insurance represents over 65 years of participation in the insurance industry in Asia. Our strategy is guided by deep insight and knowledge of our areas of operations, insight gained through invaluable experience, involvement and familiarity of the insurance industry over this time.

Pacific Cross Insurance is A PARTNERSHIP OF TRUST

Pacific Cross Insurance builds and values enduring relationships based on trust and mutual understanding and benefit. This is proven through strict operating standards, integrity of our commitments and the consistency of the results delivered.