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Medical Costs Worldwide October 2020

  Canada treatment of DENTAL TREATMENT $1,977 USD USA treatment of AMYLOIDOSIS $9,060 USD Luxembourg treatment of HYPOTHYROIDISM $2,551 USD South Africa treatme...
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Medical Costs Asia October 2020

  Thailand treatment of PAROTID TUMOR $11,696 USD Singapore treatment of ACHILLES BURSITIS/TENDINITIS $13,765 USD Indonesia treatment of ACUTE APPENDICITIS $2,1...
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Medical Costs Worldwide September 2020

  Canada treatment of REPRODUCTIVE ORGAN(MALE) DISORDER $1,679 USD USA treatment of PERIPHERAL VASCULAR DISEASES $51,805 USD South Africa treatment of MALIGNANT NEOPLASM ...
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Medical Costs Asia September 2020

  Thailand treatment of ATRIAL FIBRILLATION $16,278 USD Singapore treatment of CHRONIC ISCHEMIC HEART DISEASE $20,576 USD Indonesia treatment of MYOCARDITIS $1,946 U...
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Medical Costs Worldwide August 2020

Canada treatment of LUMP/MASS IN BREAST $2,496 USD USA treatment of SPRAIN/STRAIN CRUCIATE LIG KNEE $53,253 USD France treatment of MALIGNANT THYROID GLAND $4,335 US...
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Medical Costs Asia August 2020

Thailand treatment of SIRS INFECTION ORGAN DYSFUNCTION $17,520 USD Singapore treatment of ACUTE INFECTIVE POLYNEURITIS $31,500 USD Indonesia treatment of FRACTURE FE...
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