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Medical Costs Worldwide August 2020

Canada treatment of LUMP/MASS IN BREAST $2,496 USD USA treatment of SPRAIN/STRAIN CRUCIATE LIG KNEE $53,253 USD France treatment of MALIGNANT THYROID GLAND $4,335 US...
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Medical Costs Asia August 2020

Thailand treatment of SIRS INFECTION ORGAN DYSFUNCTION $17,520 USD Singapore treatment of ACUTE INFECTIVE POLYNEURITIS $31,500 USD Indonesia treatment of FRACTURE FE...
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Medical Costs Worldwide July 2020

  USA treatment of MALIGNANT NEOPLASM OF THE BREAST $95,379 USD Switzerland treatment of SKIN MELANOMA $6,324 USD Spain treatment of OCCLUSION/STENOSIS CAROTID ARTERY&nbs...
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Medical Costs Asia July 2020

  Thailand treatment of PROTEIN CALORIE MALNUTRITION $17,764 USD Singapore treatment of MENINGIOMA $37,340 USD Indonesia treatment of STROKE $37,001 USD Philipp...
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Medical Costs Worldwide June 2020

  USA treatment of SUBARACHNOID HEMORRHAGE $77,633 USD Switzerland treatment of ABDOMINAL PAIN $11,386 USD Turkey treatment of INJURY SHOULDER/UPPER ARM $3,155 USD M...
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Medical Costs Asia June 2020

  Thailand treatment of OSTEOARTHROSIS PELVIS/THIGH $19,121 USD Singapore treatment of STROKE $46,127 USD Indonesia treatment of URETERIC STONE $6,015 USD Phili...
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