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Medical Costs Worldwide March 2022

  USA treatment of MALIGNANT NEOPLASM $34,541 USD China treatment of DENTAL TREATMENT $1,591 USD Taiwan treatment of DUCTAL CARCINOMA IN SITU $10,674 USD Philip...
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Medical Costs Asia March 2022

  Thailand treatment of ROTATOR CUFF TEAR $15,943 USD Singapore treatment of TURBINATE HYPERTROPHY $13,033 USD Indonesia treatment of FEMORAL SHAFT FRACTURES $4,604 ...
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Medical Costs Worldwide February 2022

  USA treatment of PANCREATIC PSEUDOCYST $12,790 USD China treatment of NORMAL DELIVERY $8,343 USD Taiwan treatment of MYOFASCIAL PAIN $1,641 USD Philippines tr...
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Medical Costs Asia February 2022

  Thailand treatment of MULTIPLE MYELOMA $9,576 USD Singapore treatment of MENISCAL TEARS $13,391 USD Indonesia treatment of ACUTE APPENDICITIS $2,149 USD Philippine...
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Medical Costs Worldwide January 2022

  USA treatment of ESSENTIAL HYPERTENSION $11,503 USD China treatment of SEBACEOUS CYST $1,007 USD Taiwan treatment of DENTAL TREATMENT $2,916 USD Philippines treatm...
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Medical Costs Asia January 2022

  Thailand treatment of HYPERLIPIDEMIA $11,981 USD Singapore treatment of FEVER $8,158 USD Indonesia treatment of DENTAL TREATMENT $1,924 USD Philippines treatment o...
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