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Medical Costs Asia October 2021

  Thailand treatment of IDIOPATHIC POLYNEUROPATHY $8,940 USD Singapore treatment of DEGENERATIVE DISC DISEASE $27,563 USD Indonesia treatment of METATARSAL FRACTURE ...
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Medical Costs Worldwide September 2021

  Canada treatment of DENTAL TREATMENT $1,977 USD USA treatment of HEMORRHAGE RECTUM/ANUS $102,733 USD The Netherlands treatment of ACUTE MYOCARDIAL INFARCTION $8,94...
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Medical Costs Asia September 2021

  Thailand treatment of CATARACT $9,079 USD Singapore treatment of ACHILLES TENDON BURSITIS $13,765 USD Indonesia treatment of ANGINA PECTORIS $7,677 USD Philippines...
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Medical Costs Worldwide August 2021

  Canada treatment of DISORDERS MALE GENITAL ORGANS $1,679 USD USA treatment of HEPATITIS C $102,733 USD The Netherlands treatment of CHOLECYSTITIS $11,114 USD ...
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Medical Costs Asia August 2021

  Thailand treatment of MALIGNANT NEOPLASM OF PANCREAS $9,749 USD Singapore treatment of PAROTID TUMOR $11,696 USD Indonesia treatment of URINARY TRACT INFECTION&nbs...
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Medical Costs Worldwide July 2021

  USA treatment of BENIGN NEOPLASM LARYNX $17,202 USD Austria treatment of ADENOMA OF COLON $4,590 USD China treatment of SEBACEOUS CYST $1,007 USD Japan treatment o...
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