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Medical Costs Asia July 2021

  Thailand treatment of HYPERLIPIDEMIA $11,981 USD Singapore treatment of NECK PAIN $49,657 USD Indonesia treatment of CESAREAN DELIVERY $3,495 USD Philippines treatment ...
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Medical Costs Worldwide June 2021

  USA treatment of URINARY INCONTINENCE $45,293 USD Austria treatment of DEGENER LUMBAR/LUMBOSACRAL IV DISC $15,150 USD China treatment of DENTAL TREATMENT $3,148 US...
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Medical Costs Asia June 2021

  Thailand treatment of MULTIPLE MYELOMA $9,599 USD Singapore treatment of HERNIA SURGERY $14,945 USD Indonesia treatment of URINARY TRACT INFECTION $2,332 USD ...
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Medical Costs Worldwide May 2021

  USA treatment of HEMORR COMPLICATION PROCEDURE $13,968 USD Pakistan treatment of DENTAL TREATMENT $2,447 USD China treatment of BONE INFARCT DISEASE $5,507 US...
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Medical Costs Asia May 2021

  Thailand treatment of INGUINAL HERNIA $10,599 USD Singapore treatment of SYNOVITIS/TENOSYNOVITIS $16,487 USD Indonesia treatment of FRACTURE FEMUR SHAFT $3,700 USD Phil...
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Medical Costs Worldwide April 2021

  USA treatment of ACUTE MYOCARDIAL INFARCTION $12,611 USD South Africa treatment of CEREBRAL ANEURYSM $56,262 USD China treatment of MISSED ABORTION $1,203 USD Japa...
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