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Medical Costs Asia July 2020

  Thailand treatment of PROTEIN CALORIE MALNUTRITION $17,764 USD Singapore treatment of MENINGIOMA $37,340 USD Indonesia treatment of STROKE $37,001 USD Philipp...
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Medical Costs Worldwide June 2020

  USA treatment of SUBARACHNOID HEMORRHAGE $77,633 USD Switzerland treatment of ABDOMINAL PAIN $11,386 USD Turkey treatment of INJURY SHOULDER/UPPER ARM $3,155 USD M...
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Medical Costs Asia June 2020

  Thailand treatment of OSTEOARTHROSIS PELVIS/THIGH $19,121 USD Singapore treatment of STROKE $46,127 USD Indonesia treatment of URETERIC STONE $6,015 USD Phili...
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Medical Costs Worldwide May 2020

  USA treatment of SPRAIN/STRAIN CRUCIATE LIG KNEE $53,253 USD Switzerland treatment of HYPERPLASIA OF PROSTATE $1,029 USD Israel treatment of ABDOMINAL TENDERNESS EPIGAS...
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Medical Costs Asia May 2020

  Thailand treatment of ATRIAL FIBRILLATION $15,267 USD Singapore treatment of MORBID OBESITY $14,638 USD Indonesia treatment of PARALYTIC ILEUS $4,523 USD Philippin...
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Operations Update

To all members of our community in the Asia Pacific Region,   The past 12 months have been full of tumultuous experience in our area. There has been political and public unrest in Hong Kong, home...
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