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Medical Costs Asia November 2018

Thailand treatment of SCOLIOSIS IDIOPATHIC $16,213 USD Singapore treatment of ASEPTIC NECROSIS OF BONE $29,920 USD Indonesia treatment of PARALYTIC ILEUS $4,523 USD ...
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Medical Costs Worldwide November 2018

USA treatment of ACUTE APPENDICITIS $29,033 USD U.K. treatment of PAPILLOMATOSIS $1,756 USD U.A.E. treatment of PREGNANCY $4,153 USD China treatment of DIABETES TYPE...
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Did You Know? Emergencies and Evacuations

  Planning and predicting emergencies is impossible, but with Pacific Cross Health Insurance you can at least be prepared.
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Medical Costs Worldwide October 2018

USA treatment of PERIPHERAL VASCULAR DISEASE $51,805 USD U.K. treatment of DIABETES MELLITUS $3,075 USD U.A.E. treatment of CATARACT $5,544 USD China treatment of RENAL COLIC $2,470 USD Philippines tr...
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Medical Costs Asia October 2018

Thailand treatment of ATRIAL FIBRILLATION $16,278 USD Malaysia treatment of CORONARY ARTERY DISEASE $9,550 USD Singapore treatment of ACUTE INFECTIVE POLYNEURITIS $31,500 USD Indonesia treatment of UR...
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Did You Know? Maternity Benefits Increase

  When both expecting parents are covered, the mother’s maternity benefit amount increases by 50%.   
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