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Medical Costs Worldwide January 2020

USA treatment of URINARY INCONTINENCE $50,102 USD Switzerland treatment of HYPERPLASIA OF PROSTATE $5,588 USD UAE tretment of ABDOMINAL PAIN $2,053 USD Pakistan treatment...
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Medical Costs Asia January 2020

Thailand treatment of ASTHMA $30,378 USD Singapore treatment of HEART DISEASE $42,230 USD Indonesia treatment of DENGUE $1,687 USD Philippines treatment of ACUTE/CHR...
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Coronavirus – Covid19 FAQ

Question 1 Do Coronavirus related claims fall under policy exclusions (epidemics/pandemics clause)? Answer: No, they don’t. However, we would need to process claim adjudication following policy t...
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Medical Costs Worldwide December 2019

USA treatment of CALCULUS KIDNEY $15,889 USD Switzerland treatment of MALIGNANT NEOPLASM OF TONSIL $4,677 USD UAE tretment of CATARACT $5,544 USD China treatment of ...
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Medical Costs Asia December 2019

Thailand treatment of RETINAL DETACHMENT $8,697 USD Singapore treatment of ACHILLES BURSITIS $5,240 USD Indonesia treatment of BACK ACHE $1,648 USD Philippines treatment ...
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Medical Costs Asia November 2019

Thailand treatment of CORONARY ARTERY DISEASE $14,221 USD Singapore treatment of ACUTE INFECTIVE POLYNEURITIS $31,500 USD Indonesia treatment of URETERIC STONE $6,015 USD...
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