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Medical Costs Worldwide September 2018

USA treatment of SPRAIN/STRAIN CRUCIATE LIG KNEE $53,253 USD U.K. treatment of HYPOTHYROIDISM $3,454 USD U.A.E. treatment of VENTRAL HERNIA $7,393 USD China treatment of&...
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Medical Costs Asia September 2018

  Thailand treatment of SIRS INFECTION $17,520 USD Malaysia treatment of BASAL CELL CARCINOMA $1,050 USD Singapore treatment of NECK PAIN $49,657 USD Indonesia ...
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Medical Costs Worldwide August 2018

USA treatment of URINARY INCONTINENCE $45,293 USD UK treatment of DENTAL TREATMENT $3,698 USD U.A.E. treatment of CATARACT $5,544 USD China treatment of SHINGLE...
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Medical Costs Asia August 2018

Thailand treatment of OTH PROTEIN CALORIE MALNUTRITION $17,764 USD Malaysia treatment of CORONARY ARTERY DISEASE $9,551 USD Singapore treatment of ASEPTIC NECROSIS&n...
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Did You Know? Delays from Natural Disasters now covered!

  Please find some updates regarding Travel Plans from Pacific Cross Insurance.
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Medical Costs Asia July 2018

Thailand treatment of ATRIAL FIBRILLATION $18,043 USD Malaysia treatment of MYOFASCIAL PAIN $2,405 USD Singapore treatment of ACUTE INFECTIVE POLYNEURITIS $30,509 US...
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