Community Rated Premiums

Are there published premium tables for CR Premiums?

If my client has an experience loading now, will it be immediately removed when they join the community group?

I see different percentages for community loadings, such as 10, 15 or 25%. What do these mean?

Ok, so there are three pools within the community group. Can clients choose their pool?

Can clients move between pools?

How are community loadings calculated? How can these amounts change?

If my client has a high claim ratio and at renewal they choose CR premiums, which pool will they be put in?

My client is in the CR group now and their claim ratio is high. What will happen at renewal?

Once my client is in the CR group, will there ever be any other loadings or price increases placed on their policy?

If my client chooses CR premiums, but next year doesn’t want to be in that group anymore, can they go back to ER premiums?

Can the CR loading ever go above 25%?

If my client has ER premiums and their claim ratio is high, will PCIC automatically move them to the CR group?

Is there a minimum claim ratio which clients must meet in order to go into the CR group?

Will commission be paid on CR loadings?

How do I know which clients to recommend CR Premiums to?

How can I register a client for CR premiums?